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Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Mack
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Mack

Our mission & purpose

The ultimate purpose for which we as individuals and as a ministry exist is to glorify God by doing what Luke tells us Paul and his associates did in Acts 14:21 and 22. Luke tells us that Paul and his associates went about preaching the Gospel, making disciples, strengthening the souls of those disciples and encouraging them to continue in the faith.

Like Paul we are dedicated to using whatever gifts and abilities, whatever training and experience, whatever resources and opportunities we have to strengthen individual Christians and churches in their commitment to Christ and in their ministries for Christ. Making disciples and strengthening churches and individual Christians is our passion, our reason for living, and our purpose for existence. That is why we carefully chose the name Strengthening Ministries International to describe our ministry; this title really does say it all in terms of what we want to do.

And like Paul, we are attempting to strengthen the church and individual Christians in a variety of ways. Fulfilling our ministry involves conducting seminars and conferences all over the United States and in many foreign countries. It includes writing and distributing books, booklets and developing and distributing audio and videotapes on numerous biblical/theological/Christian life/counseling subjects.

Much time and effort is also devoted to regularly teaching ministry equipping courses at The Masterís College in California and at ELMICC (Equipping for Life and Ministry Institute) in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Directing and functioning as a biblical counselor in the Equipping for Life and Ministry Counseling Center, where Godís people can come and find biblical solutions for the problems of life with which they are struggling, is another way in which we are attempting to strengthen the church and individual Christians.

And, in addition to these ministries, we are involved in pastoring a local church, where Godís Word, the Bible, is faithfully, accurately, practically and in an expository fashion preached and where Godís people can be trained, equipped and discipled for serving God with whatever gifts they have and in whatever way they are called to serve.

Fulfilling our purpose for existence, as described in Acts 14:21,22, also includes developing and sustaining this web site. Elsewhere on this web site you will find fuller descriptions of the various aspects of our ministry.

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